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Why You Should Care That Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

June 20th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

Microsoft-LinkedIn I’ve been sitting with this news for the past week now wondering how this might impact digital marketing, and so I did my usual Google search on the topic to see what the ‘experts’ are saying and predicting. Then I thought, ‘oh silly girl, search Bing as that is a Microsoft product’ and my search continued.

Some marketing experts and SEO folks have little to say so far other than we should keep a close eye out to see what Microsoft does. While others have some interesting predictions and recommended tactics to integrate into your marketing efforts now, that could pay big dividends in the near future.

After a lot of reading, my brain is now saturated with information, opinions, ideas, predictions and images. As it is all mashed together and I failed to take notes on my search journey, I can no longer provide the source of the thoughts below. Besides, these are my interpretations of what I read. I hope that you are okay with that.

The following is a summary of some of the things I gleaned from multiple articles and sources as to how to think about this acquisition and what to do next. These resonated with me for marketing and SEO value. I hope that they are of some value to you as well.

Read more…

It’s 2016 – How Are You Marketing?

February 5th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.13.31 AMIt has been awhile I grant you, but you’ve never been far from my thoughts, just temporarily out of my reach. So to those of you whom I promised ‘soon, real soon’ I hope you’ve forgiven me and are ready to get back into the social media, search, web site, and all things digital marketing conversation.

I am returning from Washington, DC at the moment after having been a panelist on Social Media Discussion at the 2016 Annual Conference for AAP’s Professional and Scholarly Publishing group – PSP. Well, it was originally supposed to be a panel but turned into a short presentation with my end of the story toward social and digital trends.

I received a good amount of kudos after and several folks found the information of value so allow me to share some with you as well.

First of all, I need to preface this with I am not the fortune teller here and will offer the citation to the experts who espouse these predictions and insights. I curated them for the purpose of the presentation and of course sprinkled in my own take of things. If you would like a copy of the deck I used that has all the graphs, charts and citations just let me know as I am happy to share.

In no particular order, the following are some of the ideas, thoughts and trends identified and shared. Read more…

Which Digital Marketing Solution: The Correct Answer is “It Depends”

March 17th, 2015 by Mardy Sitzer

21427477_s I conduct workshops and teach, network and get referrals; and without fail, the early conversations and first questions are always a business owner asking if they should use this or that; or ask what should they do. I always answer the same way with “it depends”.

I confess that it was beginning to feel like a cop out, but then I started reading more and more articles that asked a question and began their articles answering the same way. I feel vindicated each and every time.

While study after study demonstrates the best times to post, the best posts, the best headlines, the best conversion page layouts and the best calls to action, rarely do they address where this tactic works versus where it might not work.

So when someone says “We’re B2B so Facebook is a waste of time.” Or, they ask if they should blog versus do email marketing because they can’t afford the time or money to do both. The answer is always “it depends”.

Another common challenge I am given in these conversations is “I tried Twitter and it was a waste of time.” Well, that might be so in your case, either the audience was wrong or the tactics were wrong, without further investigation, it is impossible for me to know why it was a waste of your time.

I heard someone say “a good craftsman never blames the tools” and that is true not only with craftsmen but with marketing – especially digital marketing. It is as easy to pick up a drill as it is to open a Twitter account, yet picking the tool up does not make you a craftsman or a professional marketer. A craftsman has years of experience and has a vision and a plan; a marketer has years of experience and has developed a strategy and a plan.
There is no magic formula or secret recipe that is going to work for every business so I would caution anyone who buys from a company or consultant that starts off with a tactical recommendation before they understand the strategy, the business model, the target audience and the goals.

An example is ‘the best times to email’ I am confident when I say that if your target audiences are mompreneurs versus senior executives that those times would not be the same. Read more…

Your Website Was Hacked And You Didn’t Even Know

October 13th, 2014 by Mardy Sitzer

hackYou visit your website and it all looks fine, yet your rankings have plummeted and you don’t know why. You notice a ton of traffic from strange places and your bounce rate has soared to new heights. You’ve been hacked.

Even the most sophisticated sites on the Internet and data centers, such as Target, banks and others are getting hacked – I’m sure you’ve read about them in the news. And Adobe and Snapchat were recently in the news after being hacked.

Recently, one of my client’s sites was hacked. Everything looked fine; we had just updated the programs and added a respected security plugin to the website the week before. I was examining the schema code through Google’s Webmaster site to make sure the schema was populating correctly throughout the blog when I noticed the numbers going from a reasonable amount that mirrored the number of blog posts, to a number that reached nearly 7,000.

Drilling down I found that there were nearly 7,000 new pages added to the site in just a matter of days. There were no other indications that the site had been hacked.

The site had not been breached through the admin panel so I ran some tests to evaluate the server (not one of ours) and found that the operating system was out of date and the file structure was set up with out some basic security measures.

The truth is, unless you or someone on your behalf is tracking your analytics and reviewing your Webmaster account regularly, you may be host to some nasty stuff and not even know it.

How does this even happen? Read more…

Top 10 Marketing Priorities

October 5th, 2014 by Mardy Sitzer

choicesLately I’ve been faced with several clients asking the same question or seeking advice as to where to start with their marketing. There is a general sense of being overwhelmed with options and marketing tactics that all seem to scream ‘do me now’.

Limited budgets and staff establishes that doing everything now is not an option, and so how does one decide what to do first or what is a logical progression? And while I would love nothing more than to provide a 1-2-3 guide that could be universal, it just isn’t possible. This coupled with an insatiable drive to be successful leads to an exasperated state of impatience to see results, often drives owners and marketing managers to engage in shotgun marketing tactics. Read more…

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