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Your Website’s Average Session Duration And Why It Matters

September 7th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

The purpose of looking at your website’s analytics is to examine how your website is performing and review where you can improve. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to a key metric, which is your website’s Average Session Duration, and put it into perspective so that the numbers can have actionable meaning.

You should know that this is a metric that search engines factor in to their results. They’ll match a search sequence to Average Session Duration and determine if they want to serve you up to the next searcher or bury you further down the page. So this is a metric that you want to pay attention to and set goals toward continuous improvement. Not just for the sake of SEO, but also for the sake of your bottom line.

I find that analogies can be helpful to simulate an experience that helps explain a concept or idea. So, I humbly offer the following analogy to start the dialogue on a Website’s Average Session Duration. Read more…

Which Social Media Sites Are Hot and What Should I Post?

August 29th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

We want to know what’s hot and what’s not and while we look at our own performance, we can’t help but ask ourselves – ‘what else should I be doing?’ or ‘where else should I be doing it?’

Social Media is a pretty fast paced, evolving world and while experts tell us what we should do and how often we should do it, where we should do it and so forth, it can be helpful to see how the rest of the digital experts are looking at things.

This first chart shows what kind of content is performing the best. I offer a note of caution that the definition of ‘performing’ was not clearly identified. But experts in the social media field are loving the results of video and images most of all. Offers, promotions and articles are next in line with the ‘lovin’ it, with reviews and infographics lagging behind. This may or may not reflect what is working in your social media universe. Nonetheless, it might make you take a second look at your publishing calendar to see what kind of content you have planned for your social media.



This next chart breaks down what sites are the most popular and is based on traffic to the sites. Read more…

How Do You Know If Anyone Is Reading Your Blog?

August 2nd, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

Reading a blog post Keeping up with a blog takes a lot of work and at times might even feel like a major stress point. You may have anxiety attacks over your next blog topic, even if you’ve subcontracted someone to write for you.

Given this level of effort, time and cost commitment, wouldn’t you want to know if anyone is actually reading your blog, and are you experiencing conversions of any kind as a result of your blog?

You have your subscribers list from which ever service you’re working with to send out your blog, such as Feedburner or Feedblitz, which are just two among many. Within these services there are typically metrics available that are helpful. Knowing how many new subscribers, how many unsubscribed, how many opened or even how many clicked through to something offers valuable insights.

When you post your blog, your blogging platform triggers your blog distribution service to deliver your notification to your subscribers through email or RSS. You might even have it set up to post on Facebook and Twitter – or you manually post to promote your blog. All of these efforts generate traffic directly back to the blog post page. Or at least that is the hope.

Now what you want to know is – is your blog successful? Is it doing for your business what you had intended? Can you evaluate an ROI? Read more…

Your Website’s Navigation May Be Causing High Bounce Rates

July 26th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

And let’s face it – high bounce rates are not a good thing.

Poor Web Navigation Have you looked at your website’s analytics lately?

Within the Google analytics you’ll see ‘bounce rate’ and your bounce rate is a pretty important indicator of how your website is set up and a pretty good indicator as to the efficacy of your marketing. Not to mention that search engines take bounce rates into consideration to help determine relevancy among other ranking factors.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who landed on your site and left without going to any another page.

Also time on site is a big clue here as to how well you are doing but we’ll leave that for another post.

I actually wrote about Bounce Rates back in 2013 – funny how some things don’t change all that much.


High bounce rates can be the result of several things:

  • The keywords you are ranking for are wrong for your site – leading someone who is not your target or what they would be looking for to your site and in their ADD haze click away.
  • Your website is sending ‘don’t trust these guys’ signals so visitors get spooked and leave.
  • Your website loads too slowly and your visitor isn’t in the mood to take a nap.
  • A customer or prospect came to the site to just get your information or possibly to login to a portal and left.
  • A prospect came to a landing page from an advertisement, got what they wanted – or didn’t get what they wanted and left.
  • Page design and links that drive the visitor off the site – let’s face it, if your links don’t open in a new tab, you’ve essentially given your visitors the boot.
  • No conversion link or a not very compelling conversion link.
  • And my all-time favorite, and the purpose of this post – Poor Navigation – they can’t find what they are looking for, feel tricked or get overwhelmed and leave.

Navigation done well contributes to a seamless journey that your visitors and clients can experience. Poor navigation leads to high bounce rates and lost opportunities. So how do you determine what works and what doesn’t on the navigation?

Start with your website’s structure and organization. Things to consider are:

  • The different market segments you are targeting
  • The different product and/or service categories
  • The different resources, information and engagement opportunities

Navigation Best Practice: The Rules We Live By Read more…

Your New Website Might Look Good, But You Still Need To Do An Audit

July 19th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

SEO AuditGetting that new website project done was a big job, you’re exhausted and just happy to have it launched. I don’t want to bust your bubble but you aren’t done just yet.

Building a website is a big job, it is hard, it takes up a lot of time, there are a thousand or more things to coordinate and complete, to get approvals for and debugging can take on a life of its own. So, it is no wonder that all the things that can’t be seen or you’ve become numb to what you are looking at, leaves another to-do list undone.

If part of the project was to have an SEO Optimized Website then you might want to consider the following list in your site testing pre or post launch. An SEO Audit is the only way to be certain that the site is really optimized and not just looking good. Read more…

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