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Building Personal Profiles

November 12th, 2012 by Mardy Sitzer

Our online personal profiles are important ingredients to not only building our brand but also toward building trust. Our profiles should speak to not just our skills and experience, but also should reveal our passions and interests – who we are as people and not just products of education and training. Our profiles are an opportunity to express what outcomes we value that our target audience would also value. And of course – keywords that help to leave the breadcrumb trail back to our websites.

Teaching has been both a joy and a challenge. Helping students learn about Social Media has also meant helping them to communicate in a meaningful way. Both from an engagement perspective as well as how they present themselves on line.

Part of their assignment is building out their profiles online, and of course a LinkedIn Profile is one of the key assignments. I thought it would be helpful to share what I shared with them as it might help you to take another look at your own profiles and begin to craft a stronger presentation of yourself.

The following are some suggestions that I gave the students that I think will also be helpful to you:

1. Look at a few profiles of people who have the jobs you want and see how they talk about themselves. If not a ‘job’ then other heroes or individuals who have motivated or impressed you on your chosen path. (Competitive Analysis)

2. Look at a few profiles of people who you would want to work for (if not a job then who would you want to partner with, have as a mentor, or be an investor) and see how they present themselves, what matters to them (groups, hobbies, interests, etc. are helpful indications). (Target Marketing)

3. Think about your motivation and passion – these are strong indicators that hiring managers look for – they would rather work with someone who shares their passion then with someone who has the skills but could care less. (Trust Building)

4. Think about your inspiration – who has pointed the way for you – what leaders have inspired you to take the path or journey you are on. (Affinity Marketing)

What would you want to share with the students in building a better profile?

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