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Get Your Website To Be More Helpful

September 9th, 2013 by Mardy Sitzer

viral-marketingI believe that it is basic human nature to want to share and be of assistance. Still, even at my age, I remain steadfast in my belief that we are good and well meaning creatures. But if your website doesn’t recognize that you need to help visitors to do what their natural inclinations dictate, then you’ve missed the ‘grow your business’ boat.

I’m not referring just to creating strong calls to action at the right time and in the optimal position, which are vital to growing your leads and sales. Strong CTAs like Order Now, Learn More, Download, Donate, are necessary in the success equation, but how about Tell A Friend, Share This, Like, G+ or Tweet?

You never know when a visitor knows someone who could use or would like your products or services, or enjoy your blog post or event announcement. It might even be a less specific inclination and they would want to share this on one of their social posting sites because they find it interesting, helpful, useful, or they think that they would generate some chatter on their pages. Regardless of which motivating factor, consider that there are many and help them out.

By not installing sharing features on your website you lose out on:

  • Increasing time on your site as the visitor interacts with your widget and that added time is a strong performance indicator to search engines.
  • Increasing your awareness from a group or community that you didn’t have exposure to previously.
  • Increasing traffic to your website or to specific pages, which increases the chances of a new subscriber, prospect or client.

These sharing features are easy to install regardless of the type of website you have. If you are on a WordPress site it is conceivably a DIY event, otherwise you might need your designer or developer to help you out and even still should be a quick task.

Here are some of the more popular sharing widgets:

Bonus Tip: While I’m on the topic of sharing, consider that people are out there pinning on Pinterest as well. So if your site has images that demonstrate your products and services think about going back and watermarking your images with your website or brand name so that as they circulate around the wildly successful image sharing site your brand travels with it.

Now be a dear and please share this blog post.


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