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What Would Buddha Say?

February 11th, 2013 by Mardy Sitzer

We all have someone in our lives that when we are in a conversation with them we are thinking or might even suggest “can you get to the point please?” and hoping that the epic journey they are taking us on will eventually lead to a point.

Or there is the set up dialogue that builds a history from the time we dwelled in caves up to present day in order to build context around a question they are about to ask or a statement they are about to make.

We dream of a day when these special people in our lives, or our coworkers or boss learn to bottom-line it. That’s it – ask the question or make the statement first, and then together through conversation be brought up to speed with the details needed for a deeper understanding.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and creative types think differently than the rest of the world – they just do. Often they struggle to be understood because of these differences. They long to see that look in your eye or the words come from your lips ‘oh, I get it’.

So communicating value and purpose come either with too much or too little, or often with a phrase that is like a cloud floating across a vast blue sky – something that the majority of folks just can’t grasp.

Your company name might be a clever and creative distortion of the English language, or it is a proper name such as your family name or the name of an ancient town. Your tag line on your Twitter account and on your website demonstrate your brilliance and your panache with a witty or wondrous tease.

And yet, I have no clue what you do.

I get it – you want to appear philosophical, smart, witty and possibly a bit edgy. You might even be asking yourself  ‘what would Buddha say?’

I see this on social media profiles, on websites and even on business cards. I look at the name of the company, the tag line and wonder – what is it that you do. At least I wonder if I am trying to figure out a connection. If I come across this kind of profile on the Internet, my right hand twitches and clicks the mouse to move on.

Am I so different then the rest of the good folks on the Internet?

If you are using social media for business, then I am guessing that you are there to generate awareness and leads. So what is so wrong with just saying what you do? Then show me how witty, creative, smart, edgy, and philosophical you are.

One Response to “What Would Buddha Say?”

  1. So True.

    And a related pet peeve:

    The other day, I came across an ad and the headline was

    “Where Everything Can Lead To Anything”. …..HUH?

    A big ad agency was paid to write that AND a client approved it.

    Just tell me what you do!!!

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