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Your Logo – A Lost SEO Opportunity

May 20th, 2014 by Mardy Sitzer

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.55.49 AMI believe in Organic SEO and trust that by doing a lot of the right things in web design and development that it will help your pages be delivered to the searchers in your target audience. The list of ‘right things’ is rather extensive and this post can’t handle the entire list so I thought I would help you fine tune one very simple SEO best practice – and if you read through the article, I will have another bonus tip for you as well. Both are so easy to check and to fix that you should have no excuse what so ever to let these slide.

Every web site has the company’s logo in a banner at the top of the page – typically set left, sometimes in the middle. Now, right click on your logo and look at the name of the image. I will bet you a dozen steak dinners that the name of that image is logo.jpg – am I right? OMG! (Please forgive my girly gasp.) Logo.jpg is a common mistake, in fact I searched logo.jpg on Google just now and got 8,430,000,000 results. You are clearly not alone so please don’t feel picked on and don’t burn your web designer at the stake. 

But now that you know the issue, it is time to go back and rename logo.jpg to keyword.jpg or company-name.jpg or even keyword-phrase.jpg. Since this sits so high on the page it is an important signal to search engines as to what your website is about and helps them to match your site up with searchers using these keywords. So, go change the name of the logo image and reinstall it on your website, then call me to arrange those steak dinners.

Thanks for reading through to the end of this post, and as promised, here is one more tip to improve your organic SEO efforts.

Take a look at the phone number on your website. If you have a phone number that looks like this: 800.555.5555 you have a problem. Search engines don’t recognize phone numbers unless they have a more traditional format such as (800)555-5555 or 800-555-5555. Why this is important is that search engines want to know that you are real and having an address and a phone number help to lend credibility to your business. So if they don’t recognize your phone number, that is as good as not having one. Go ahead, edit that phone number.

Will making these two changes put your website up to a page 1 rank? More than likely not, but it will contribute positively to the overall factors rather than negative factors as search engines calculate your site’s value.

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