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Your New Website Might Look Good, But You Still Need To Do An Audit

July 19th, 2016 by Mardy Sitzer

SEO AuditGetting that new website project done was a big job, you’re exhausted and just happy to have it launched. I don’t want to bust your bubble but you aren’t done just yet.

Building a website is a big job, it is hard, it takes up a lot of time, there are a thousand or more things to coordinate and complete, to get approvals for and debugging can take on a life of its own. So, it is no wonder that all the things that can’t be seen or you’ve become numb to what you are looking at, leaves another to-do list undone.

If part of the project was to have an SEO Optimized Website then you might want to consider the following list in your site testing pre or post launch. An SEO Audit is the only way to be certain that the site is really optimized and not just looking good.

First, please check EVERY single form, signup widget, subscribe here button or whatever is on your site, wherever to insure that all is working as intended and the data is going where it should. Likewise, if you have a shopping cart – spend a lot of time testing that.

While this list is in no way 100%, it does cover some of the more important issues, so feel free to copy and paste.

  • Check that every page name is SEO friendly. That means no _ and no %#$ should be in the url.
  • Check that every page has a unique Meta Name and Meta Description – don’t copy and paste the same thing over and over.
  • Check that every image has a keyword name and alt tag. Not logo.jpg or 3456985.png.
  • Make sure that you have H1 and H2 tags for headlines and subheads to send triggers to search engines letting them know what your site is about.
  • Double check your copy to root out bad grammar, spelling errors and lazy writing like ‘welcome to our website’ – really? That’s the best you can come up with?
  • Double check your website through every browser and other devices to make sure it responds well in every situation. This article has a list of testing sites.
  • Check your load time to make sure your site is loading quickly. This is a free testing site
  • Make sure that your Google Analytics code is installed and verify that it is working properly – you’ll need to log in to see if traffic is being recorded and how many pages are indexed.
  • Double check that your DNS records are set up properly – can you get to your website with or without the ‘www’ or from the ip address – and be sure to let Google know which is the primary with or without the www to avoid a potential duplicate content penalty.
  • Even if you are not a Captain of Code or a Diva Developer, you can still use some of the free testing software out there to get a pretty detailed report of how your website is built from a SEO perspective. You can take these reports to your developer or SEO contractor and have a discussion. Here are a few of those sites:

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