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Your Website and Your Social Media Are Already Out of Date

March 22nd, 2013 by Mardy Sitzer

I’m An Information Junkie.

I confess to downloading and hoarding thousands of articles and white papers. I even had my virtual assistant organize them for me – at least improve on my haphazard quilt-work approach over the years.

I will further confess to saving an uncountable amount of links in Evernote and on Delicious.

I subscribe to and scour the internet for the latest news on Search, Social, Design, Websites, and Content and Email Marketing. I have, just from the past 18 months, thousands of articles.

Whew, I feel better now that I’ve confessed. But, I’m out of control.

There are tons of way smarter people than me, and their articles provide insights and suggestions that help me expand my own knowledge to pass on to my students and more importantly, integrate into the solutions we provide our clients.

But the simple truth is that my industry is ‘out of control’. Website designs, interface, and build solutions change rapidly. Search changes daily. Social Media sites change often enough that as soon as you get all of your artwork uploaded – the size and layouts change. Keeping up with the features, format, and performance functions on social media is practically a full time job, especially if you try to keep abreast of the new sites cropping up, let alone the older sites taking off. Even overall strategy needs to be continually reevaluated as the landscape changes and the target audiences evolve.

What further complicates things is that each of these components requires a level of mastery. You need a strategist, a senior marketing professional, a writer, a designer, a coder, a blogging expert, a SEO specialist, a PPC expert, a Facebook expert, a Twitter master, a Google+ and Goolge Local guru, and the list goes on. While the graphic I’ve included in this post covers most of the critical performance areas, there are more – like a database specialist and a CRM master if you actually hope to capture leads and convert them into sales, let alone retain and grow your existing clients.

Performing marketing in-house today is a difficult option for small to midsized companies and organizations; they simply don’t have the staff to support this level of expertise. While many companies pick one or two platforms to concentrate on, they leave opportunities untouched. Outsourcing these services can also become complicated if there isn’t a knowledgeable and centralized command.

What becomes horrifying – to the point that I actually have nightmares over it – is that the work we did last year for clients is now more than likely out of date. The work we completed two years ago – well that is definitely out of date.

Next week I’m spending almost the entire week at the SES Conference here in New York City. This is a world-wide conference with learning tracks dedicated to Social and Search. While I’m excited beyond belief and look forward to sharing with you what I learn and discover, I’m already having cold sweats about the ‘redos’ and updates that will be required to get our clients up to date.

It used to be a good idea to look at your marketing collateral once every 5 years, today you need to be looking at all of your collateral every 5 days – okay well at least every 6 months.

And on that note, stay tuned as the next few weeks I’ll be posting the latest and greatest that I discover, uncover, and learn while attending SES.

2 Responses to “Your Website and Your Social Media Are Already Out of Date”

  1. yaakov reshef says:

    I can not agree with you more…
    The only problem is- How can we solve this problem?- or should I say problems?
    How should clients handle it?
    Would love to hear any suggestions.

    • Mardy Sitzer says:

      Thanks Yaakov. How I wish there was a universal and simple answer to your question. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for small business. Unlike bigger companies who can rally teams, smaller businesses need to focus on a deep understanding of who their ideal clients are and where and how they engage on social media. First and most important property is your website – next is the content you create – and then how to best engage with YOUR ideal target audience. I would ‘claim’ as many profiles throughout social as you can, test if you have time, but focus on one or two that seem to be working for you now. And don’t forget email campaigns!

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