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Design and Content are the products we create to deliver your powerful messages. We assess the most efficient appropriate method to disperse your identity and ideas, employing the most current range of mediums.

Identity Development

Logos / Branding / Value Statement

No matter if you are starting out new or if your existing logo and brand need some freshening up - our creative team can help.

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Designed and Developed, optimized for Search Engines

Things are changing so fast with regard to search and the world of web design changes to meet these new requirements. You might need some coding and layout cleanup to get your site more search engine friendly or maybe a new site all together. We custom design sites using the most current best practices as well as offer solutions such as CMS (content management systems - that give you control over your site content without the need to know code); and database driven solutions for galleries, contests, membership, ad campaigns and more. We dig into to find the right keywords for your site, provide a competitive analysis so we know what we are up against and we have several tricks up our sleeve (they really aren't tricks but industry best practices that go beyond clean coding and great design) that are the white hat techniques that will help you improve in your quest for top page rankings. We love the challenge of bringing the world of technology and creative design alive on the internet. So what's your goal? We can help you get there!

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Design / Content / Strategy

Having a company blog accomplishes many things. First, search engines love them and so this will help you in the rankings game. Second, search engines love them for the fresh and relevant content. Third, your customers and prospects love them. Blogs offer the opportunity to have an inside view of your company, build trust and engage. We can customize a blog system with your logo and branding, install on your current website and help you with a content strategy and even the writing if you need more help.

Social Media

As Certified Inbound Marketing Professionals with a lot of real experience on line both for our company as well as for our clients - we deliver custom, branded identities, help with key word rich profiles and more. You can rely on us to help you create a company policy, campaign, content strategy to help you be a social success. We also offer training if you would like to do it all or some of it yourselves, coaching to get and keep you on track or if you just want to sit back, we can pick up the social scene and make the home runs for you. Check the links on the side to join in on our conversations with Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and don't forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter and weekly blog as well. We like sharing the knowledge and having some fun!

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Press Releases / E-mail Campaigns / E-zines / Drip Campaigns

If you are waiting for the magic moment or just the right marketing piece or super salesman to make all the difference, please don't hold your breath! Marketing requires on-going, sustainable, meaningful, helpful and relevant content being disseminated and delivered effectively. Bumblebee Design & Marketing creates content and maximizes the technology that will enable you to do just that!

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Print Design

Advertisements / Brochures / Newsletters / Direct Mail

We got our start in this business when it was only print or expensive television and radio ads. We haven't lost touch with the print world and so who better to work with than a company such as ours that is just as at home in the digital realm as a print shop? We are both technically savvy and creative when it comes to print, understanding the needs for press, the difference in design requirements than from the web and we have years of experience in one color to four, digital and offset, and are well versed in mailing regulations as well. Shucks, we have even redesigned an entire industry magazine with easy to follow style sheets that they can continue with their new look. So when you need an ad for a magazine, want an annual report or classy invitation, Bumblebee Design & Marketing is standing by, mouse in hand ready to start creating!

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